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Invoice digitally using UBL format

UBL, what is it?

UBL (Universal Business Language) is the new default for electronically invoicing.
A UBL file is an XML file constructed following a strict set of rules so everyone can read it and know what data the file carries.

Usually, a UBL file is always sent together with a PDF version of the invoice.
That way a customer can read the PDF file, while an accounting software can read the UBL file. That way you don't need to type over your invoice into your accounting software anymore.

UBL and Comanage

There are three ways to get UBL files in CoManage:

When sending an invoice, credit note or reminder
When sending an invoice, credit note or invoice reminder, the email sent to the client will always have two attachments. One is the PDF version and the other the UBL file (file extension .xml).

When exporting invoices as PDF
When exporting one or multiple invoices as PDF this will also include the UBL.

You will receive a ZIP file containing both the PDF versions and the UBL versions of all exported invoices.

On the public invoice page
It's also possible to download the PDF version of an invoice on the public invoice page. Next to that download button you will find one for UBL as well.

So what can I do with UBL files?

In most accounting programs it's possible to import UBL documents. This means that you can add your invoices to your accounting software without having to type over any data concerning that invoice. Talk about saving money and time!
Below you find a list of accounting softwares that support UBL files:

Bocount Dynamics
Briljant Account
Exact Online
Kluwer Expert M
Illico Soft
Venice Unit4

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Updated on: 18/01/2024

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