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Upload your own logo

Add your own logo to an invoice or offer

When you have your own logo, you can upload it in your invoice settings and offer settings

Click on the left side on the settings icon and next on all settings. Here you have an overview of your settings per functionality and for invoices and offers you can click on "logo"

Invoice settings - add logo
Offer settings - add logo

You enter a new page on which you see an upload field, click on it with your mouse.

Logo upload field

Thereafter you can select the file on your pc, this can be a .jpg or .png file.

Logo upload field - with uploaded logo

When you want to change the size of your logo you can do this with you selected pdf template. Open this template and the section logo, here you can use the slider to change the size.

Change size of logo in PDF template settings

Be aware! Every logo will be transformed to a jpg file in the background. You can not work with transparent png's here.

Updated on: 23/02/2023

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