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Export invoices

Exporting invoices in CoManage

In CoManage, you easily export all your invoices.

Go to your invoice overview to create an export.
Then select the invoices of which you want to make an export. With the filter you can always make a selection. Then click on action export and choose the desired export.

Exporting invoices in PDF / UBL

You can choose two different exports in CoManage. If you would like to have all your invoices in PDF or UBL format, click this option. You will then receive a notification in the tool when the export is ready. Plus you will also receive an email that your export is ready.

When you click on the notification, you will download a zip file. When you open this zip file, you will see your PDF and UBL files for each invoice.

Exporting invoices in CSV / Excel

You can also choose a CSV export in CoManage. When you click on this export, you will be notified again when your export is ready. You will also receive an email. When you click on this notification you download a CSV file.

When you open this CSV file you will see all relevant data of your invoices.

Do an export with the button at the top right

At the top right you will find an 'export' button. When you click it, the pop-up above opens. Here you can also select which export you would like to see and in what type. When your export is ready you will receive another notification in the tool. At the same time you will also receive an email when your export is ready.

Retrying the same export within the hour

If you try to create the same export again within the hour, you will get the following message:

When you then click on 'view all exports' you will be taken to the following overview:

Here you can see exactly which exports you created in the past time and you can also open them again. You can also get to this export overview by going to the following link:

Updated on: 21/02/2023

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