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Working with different VAT percentages

Different VAT rates

In CoManage you can work with different VAT rates. You can choose the VAT rate per invoice line.
When creating a new invoice you can change the VAT rate per line.

Default VAT texts on your invoice

If you want to work with certain VAT rates you are required to include general texts on your invoice.

This for:
VAT transferred
VAT exempted
VAT co-contractor
6% renovation

You can select this VAT type when creating your invoice under your invoice lines.

VAT active

When you use this option VAT will be counted depending on the VAT percentage set per invoice line.

VAT reverse charge or VAT exempt

When you use one of these options no VAT will be counted and shown on your invoice. The corresponding text will automatically be added to your invoice.

VAT co-contractor

When you use this option no VAT is counted. The corresponding text is automatically added to your invoice.

VAT 6% renovation

When you use this option the VAT percentages of each invoice line will be set to 6% and the VAT will be calculated. The corresponding text is automatically added to your invoice.

Set VAT type at customer level

If you want to use the same VAT type every time for a certain customer you can set this on your customer detail page.
Open your customer and click on the VAT dropdown.

Then you can select the desired VAT type.

Do you want to word a certain text slightly differently? No problem! You can change all these texts in your PDF translations.

Updated on: 21/02/2023

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