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Place a QR code with payment link on your invoice

To use this functionality you will need an active Mollie integration

Show QR code on your invoice

To make it even easier for your customers, you can now show a QR code on the PDF of your invoice that links to the
Mollie payment page.
Follow the steps below to set this up:
go to your pdf templates and change the pdf template you want to show a QR code on.
scroll to the on/off section and check "show payment link QR code".
now when you view the pdf version of an invoice you will see a QR code that links through to your Mollie payment page.


Customize QR code color and text

You can change the color, text and text size of your QR code by going to your pdf template and opening the styles section.

Here you can change the color of the QR code and the text below your QR code.
You can change the text below your QR code in your pdf translations

Updated on: 22/05/2023

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