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Making an advance invoice of an approved quote

Creating advance invoices in CoManage

You can create advance invoices in CoManage based on approved quotes. Follow the steps below to create an advance invoice:

Go to your quote overview.

Click on the status of an approved quote.

approved quote

A drop-down menu will open where you can choose "Create advance invoice".

Make advance invoice
A pop-up window opens where you can specify how much of the quote you want to invoice. You have the option of entering a free amount or working with a percentage. Confirm your choice by clicking "Create Invoice."

Select an amount or an percentage
Your advance invoice is now created! You will be redirected to a new page where a line is automatically added with the set amount.

Advance invoice overview

If you want to create a new invoice for the same quote or view the linked invoices, you can open the quote and go to the 'Invoices' section. There you will find all linked invoices and you can add new advance invoices.

Advance invoices made for quote

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I create advance invoices for all quotes in CoManage?
No, you can only create advance invoices for approved quotes. Make sure the quote has an approved status before creating an advance invoice.

Can I manually adjust the amount on the advance invoice?
Yes, when creating the advance invoice, you can choose between freely entering the amount or working with a percentage of the quote amount. You have the flexibility to adjust the invoice amount as desired.

What happens after I create an advance invoice?
Once you create an advance invoice, a new page automatically opens with the details of the invoice. On this page, a line is added with the amount of the advance invoice. You can also view the linked invoices by opening the quote and going to the "Invoices" section.

Can I create multiple advance invoices for the same quote?
Yes, you can create multiple advance invoices for the same quote. Simply go to the quotation, open the "Invoices" section and add new advance invoices as needed.

Updated on: 07/08/2023

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