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Process payments automatically with Ponto

Process payments automatically with Ponto

With the Ponto integration you can connect your bank account to CoManage to automatically process incoming payments and connect them to an invoice. Per bank account you pay 4 euros / month / account. See here if your account is available at Ponto.

Go to the integration settings and click on "connect Ponto"

Connect Ponto

You will be redirected automatically to the Ponto connect page where you can make a new account or you can login to an existing account.

Connect Ponto with CoManage

After connecting you will return in your CoManage environment and you can enter the bankaccounts page in the invoicing module and the tab transactions. Here you will find an overview of all of your incoming payments.

Incoming payments will be automatically matched to an invoice by using structured communication and free communication. If that didn't work, you can also connect an invoice by hand.

connect a payment by hand to an invoice

New transactions will be synchronised 4 times a day with your bank account. Are there new transactions on your bank account? You will get a notification as well.

Updated on: 12/07/2022

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