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Cost processing with OCR scan & recognize

Many consider entering costs into a system tedious work. And yet it is crucial to the financial growth of your business. This is because it prevents you from overlooking expenses when you deliver them at tax time. On top of that, you can generate very useful statistics to calculate your profit or loss.

OCR: what is it and what does it do?

OCR is the abbreviation for "Optical character recognition. Simply put, OCR tools are tools that scan and read your PDF or image. The results are then processed and plugged into CoManage, for example.

How can I have my charges automatically read and processed via Scan & Recognize?

Please note that the automatic processing of expenses incurs an additional cost. Currently this cost is € 0.2 per processed file.

To have your charges processed automatically with our Scan & Recognize feature, you must have a credit card linked to your CoManage account.

After that, it's very simple. You can have your invoices processed via Scan & Recognize in a number of ways:

When you upload the files:

Via the overview > select costs > Actions

On the detail page of your cost

The cost of this Scan & Recognize function is automatically billed at the end of the month at +- 0.20 cents / document.

Updated on: 09/08/2023

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