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Error message: Forbidden user division is not within division scope

The error message Forbidden user division is not within division scope may appear during booking or when documents/administrations are not visible in CoManage.

Please follow these steps to solve this issue:

Log into your own Exact portal
Click on your login name (top right corner of the screen on the arrow)

Click on My Exact Online and go to 'Security Center'.
Scroll down to the heading 'Permissions for my apps' and click on CoManage

Then click on 'Manage Administrations' in the bottom right corner
Select the document you want to add by checking it in the 'Available Administrations' column
Then click on the arrow to the right so that the administrations are in the 'Selected Administrations' column.
Finally, click 'Save and Close.'

After that, it should be solved. If anything still goes wrong, you may contact us again.

Updated on: 20/11/2023

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