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Connect your CoManage with Codabox!

Always a hassle, typing those invoices into your accounting software or emailing them to your accountant for them to then type into your accounting software...

But there's an easier way!
In CoManage, starting today, you can automatically send your invoices to your accountant/accounting software by linking CoManage with CodaBox!

What is CodaBox?

CodaBox is a service that:
creates a link between your invoices and your accounting software/accountant, so you don't have to do anything yourself to process the invoices

Below is a list of well-known partners of CodaBox:

How can I automatically send my CoManage invoices via CodaBox to my accountant/accounting software?

To automatically send your invoices via CodaBox to your accountant or accounting software, you'll need two things:

A subscription on CoManage
An account on CodaBox

First, verify here that you have stored the (correct) VAT number of your company in CoManage
Go to the 'integrations' menu item in your settings
Click on the 'Request Token' button under the 'CodaBox' section:

Check your emails. You should receive an email with a token. It looks like this:

Input this token in your settings.
That's it! You can then tick a box to allow invoices to be automatically sent to CodaBox when you send them to your customer. You can also manually send invoices to your accountant via CodaBox on the invoice's detail page!

Updated on: 12/12/2023

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