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Using Chat-GPT to make product descriptions, emails or translations

How to use Chat-GPT for your business

You can use Chat-GPT in CoManage for writing:
product descriptions
Invoice, reminder and quote emails
translations and textual improvements
free input

Use Chat-GPT to generate your product descriptions.

If you are not very creative with texts yourself but want to have nice product descriptions for your products, you can have Chat-GPT write them in CoManage.

Add a new product and give it a name.

Click the "Ask AI" button and then "Write Product Description."

Confirm the prompt with the arrow on the right.

Wait for the AI to finish writing.

You can now copy the finished text or add it to your product description in CoManage via the buttons at the bottom.

Using Chat-GPT to write your invoice, reminder or quote email templates

Want original text in your emails for your invoice reminders? Use Chat-GPT to write your email templates in CoManage.

Go to your email templates (invoices, reminders or quotations) and click "edit" at the email template you wish to modify.

Click the "Request AI" button followed by "Write an email for an invoice" and confirm the prompt.

Wait for Chat-GPT to generate the email.

You can edit this text now and then copy or add it to your email template via the buttons at the bottom.

Have your own texts translated or improved by Chat-GPT

Have you written a text yourself and would like to have it corrected by AI? Or do you have a text that needs to be translated quickly? Ask Chat-GPT!
You can have texts modified by AI in CoManage in addition to text generation. For example, you can:

Have texts rewritten
Improve spelling and grammar
Make a text shorter or longer
Adjust the tone of writing

You can do this by selecting your text in CoManage and then clicking on the "Ask AI" button. You will now see additional options you can choose to build your prompt.

After choosing the action, confirm the prompt as in previous examples.

Free input

If you want to experiment a bit with the prompt input yourself, you can click on "free input".

You will then be presented with a pop-up window where you can specify your own prompt at the top which you can have Chat-GPT generate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Chat-GPT to generate product descriptions in CoManage?.
Yes, you can use Chat-GPT to generate creative product descriptions. Simply add a new product, click the "Ask AI" button and select "Write Product Description." Chat-GPT will then generate a text that you can copy or add to your product description.

Can I use Chat-GPT to write invoice, reminder and quote emails in CoManage?.
Absolutely! Chat-GPT can help you write original email templates for invoices, reminders and quotes. Go to the appropriate email template in CoManage, click "Request AI" and select "Write an email for an invoice" to generate a custom email. You can customize the text and add it to your email template.

Can Chat-GPT translate or enhance texts?
Yes, Chat-GPT can help you translate or improve texts. Select the text in CoManage, click "Request AI" and choose the desired action, such as rewriting, improving grammar, shortening or lengthening the text, or adjusting the writing tone. Confirm the prompt and Chat-GPT will modify the text for you.

Can I enter a free input to experiment with Chat-GPT?.
Sure! If you want to experiment with the prompt input yourself, you can click on "free input." You will then get a pop-up window where you can enter your own prompt and generate it with Chat-GPT.

Updated on: 07/08/2023

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