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Automatically forward sales invoices to Exact online

Linking CoManage to Exact online

You can now link your CoManage account to Exact online so that sales invoices are automatically sent to Exact and new customers are created.

Linking to Exact online integration

If you would like to use the Exact online integration follow these steps:
go to your general settings
click on the integrations section
Click on the 'connect Exact' button to make a secure connection to Exact online
You will be redirected to a page from Exact where you will need to log in.
Complete the integration settings on the Integration page of Exact.
You will then be returned to the CoManage settings

Set data to be forwarded to Exact

General ledger account, journal and payment condition

After the integration is created you need to select a general ledger account and journal. You can choose different options (of type 'sales') which will be forwarded from Exact. If you have set a default payment condition in Exact you don't need to enter it, otherwise select it.

By default, CoManage links VAT values to available VAT codes, but you can still change this if you want.

Invoice number

Finally, you can also set the format of invoice numbers that are sent to Exact.
You can select a prefix and a suffix where you can put in the selected journal number, general ledger account number and year (2 or 4 digits) as variables. You can also add numbers of your choice, as long as they are numbers. The access number is also always based on the invoice number.

What and when will data be forwarded to Exact.

New customer data is forwarded to Exact online when you create and send an invoice from a customer who is not already known to Exact. Existing customer data will be updated in Exact when you create and send an invoice from a customer who is already known to Exact but whose data has changed.

Sales Invoices
Sales invoices are sent to Exact online after your invoice is sent via CoManage to your customer. This happens automatically and you don't need to do anything else. If you send invoices via your own mailbox then you can use the green action button in your invoice overview to send invoices manually to Exact. You can also open an invoice and scroll down to Integration. Then click on the send to Exact button. Here you will also find the last date each invoice was sent to Exact.

Invoices will be delivered to Exact online one hour after being sent to your customer.

There is no extra cost for using the integration with Exact online in CoManage.

At this moment you cannot yet forward purchase invoices and products from CoManage to Exact. It is planned that this will be built in the future, but for now it is not possible.

Updated on: 26/10/2023

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