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How to create an invoice template with our invoice generator

Create PDF template

To create a new PDF template, navigate to invoice settings and click on PDF templates.

If you have not yet created a template, the system will let you choose between one of the six default templates to determine the position of your logo, invoicing information and customer information. These options are:

logo left - info right - customer left
logo right - info right - customer left
logo right - info left - customer left
logo rechts - info links - klant rechts
logo left - info left - customer right
logo left - info right - customer right

Here you can choose a template by clicking on choose layout

Edit PDF template

The next screen will let you provide a clear name and optionally a description to your template.

The edit PDF template page is divided into different sections in which you can always edit specific settings or content.

invoicing data
line columns
intro text
extra text
financial discount
footer text


Here you can edit the title and description of the PDF template (for internal use only).

Here you can change the size of your logo.

Invoicing information

Here you can edit or complete the invoicing information shown on the PDF. As default, some variables are already entered, which you can edit or just complete with your own content.

Want to know more about editing your invoicing information and updating it on existing invoices? Read this help article for more information!

On / Off

In this section you can enable / disable the display of many elements on your PDF.

Line columns

In this section you can manage the columns to be shown on your PDF and the way prices and discounts are displayed.

Intro text

Here you can supply a default intro text which will be automatically shown on every invoice before the section containing your invoicing lines.

Extra text

Just like the intro text you can supply a default text to be automatically shown on every invoice right after the section containing your invoicing lines.

Financial discount

The text that will be shown if you used a financial discount on your invoice is editable in this section.

Want to know more about how the financial discount is calculated? Then read this article.

The footer text is automatically displayed on your PDF in every page in the footer. You can divide this section in multiple columns to supply specific information such as:

account numbers
contact information

A footer text section with one column. Click on the button highlighted in green to select multiple columns.

The footer text section divided into four columns.


In the styles section you can customize the styles for your text. For example you can:

select a type font
select a color
edit the size of headings or text

If you have some knowledge concerning CSS it is possible to add custom CSS to the PDF template.


Here you can specify the white space on the sides or top / bottom of your PDF. It defaults to 20mm.


In case you have your own writing paper, you can upload it here as a PDF background. This will be added as background on every page on your invoice.


If you want to add attachments to every invoice, you can upload them here and attach them to your PDF template.

Are you not able to reach the desired result with these settings? Don't worry! You can always contact our support team and mail an example to One of our developers will check with you how we can further customize your PDF template with CSS.

Updated on: 12/01/2024

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