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Create your first customer

Creating a contact

In your contact overview you see a list of all your existing contacts. There are also overviews specific to customers and suppliers. CoManage makes a distinction in the following ways:

Person - a person is only displayed under a company
Company - this is a full contact (possibly with persons in it)

A contact can be supplier or customer (or both).
You can add a contact by clicking on the button 'new contact' in the overview page.

Per contact you can do the following:
Add contact and address data
Add a bank account
Setup currency
Setup language
Setup VAT rate
Setup default discounts
Add custom fields

Automatically retrieve data with a VAT number

CoManage can retrieve data for a company by the VAT number. It uses the 'System for the exchane of VAT-information' (VIES) to automatically fill missing contact data. Just enter your contacts VAT number and press the arrow to the right of the field 'VAT number'.

Updated on: 16/01/2023

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