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Invite team members

New: Add extra view-only team members to your CoManage account! These team members can be added to projects and time time trackings by you. They also have viewing rights to everything in your CoManage account. If you want to give these team members specific rights or work together with them, you will have to pay for this extra team member.

Team overview

The team overview displays your team, and allows you to add new members. Je can give your team members 'view-only' or 'full access' rights.

View-only team members are free. These team members can see anything in your CoManage account. Or you can add them to projects or time trackings on their name.

Do you want to give specific rights to a team member or work together in CoManage? Then you can give these team members full access and you start to pay for them.
Adding full access additional team members can be useful if you:
Want to see in documents who has changed what where
Want to manage permissions for this team member
Want this team member to add time trackings
Want this team member to work in projects and is able to remove, update or add things

Add a new team member

Go to your initials in the lower left corner of your CoManage account and then to your team page.
Scroll to the 'Team members' block.
There, click on the 'New team member' button at the top right.

You then send the invitation, and once you give the team member full access, you start paying for this user.

Team members/user rights

Each user you add can be given rights to perform/not perform certain actions.
To change this, go to the team page. Then click the edit button next to a team member and scroll down to Role & Permissions.

On this page, you then select a role for this team member and can also change the permissions.

Prices extra team members

Starter extra team member = 7.5 euros per month or 75 euros per year
StarterPlus extra team member = 7.5 euros per month or 75 euros per year
Pro extra team member = 7.5 euros per month or 75 euros per year

In addition to permissions, you can also assign certain roles to a user. Eg. A user with the role administrator will be able to use all functionalities except the subscription change on your subscription page.

Updated on: 28/11/2023

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