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Create your first offer

Offer overview

In your offer overview you can find a list of all your offers and concepts. You can filter them on:

year / quarter / month

You can create your first offer by clicking on the button labeled "new offer" in the overview page. The following screen will allow you to specify the offer details.

add a title
connect your contact
choose a status
choose a template
choose a due date
choose language and currency
create offer lines

Offer lines

You can use lines to build your offer. These lines consist of:

regular invoicing lines
products or services

You can also setup general financial and commercial discounts:

Offer status

In CoManage an offer (among other resources) can be a 'concept'.
Concepts are used as incomplete or example records, or just to prevent the offer to get an offer number. Every offer that is not in status 'concept' will automatically receive an offer number.

Offer templates

In CoManage you can create multiple PDF templates to customize your offer layout. In the video below you can see where these settings are and what you can change in your pdf template.

Updated on: 16/01/2023

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