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How can I get all my documents to my bookkeeper from CoManage?

CoManage is not a tool for the managing of your own tax return, but it is possible to collaborate with your accountant. You can easily forward your files to the accountant or you can link CoManage to the partner account of your accountant, allowing the accountant himself to view and export the files.

With CoManage you have several methods you can work with for sending data to the accountant:

Direct integration with Exact
Integration via Codabox
Automatic sending to an e-mail address
Create your own export
Your bookkeeper takes a free CoManage partner account.

Direct integration with Exact

Many bookkeepers in Belgium work with Exact as their accounting software. Therefore, we have a direct integration with Exact for sales invoices and related contacts. You can activate this integration in CoManage by going to your integrations page and enabling the connection between your Exact account and CoManage. Please note that you will still need to send purchase invoices and products yourself. Currently this is not included in the integration.

An integration via Codabox

Via Codabox you can also automatically send invoices to your own accounting package or that of your bookkeeper. Most accounting packages have an integration with Codabox. So if you have a CoManage account and an account on Codabox, then you can easily set this up in CoManage. You can use Codabox to send your sales invoices automatically. Purchase invoices can be sent via export.

Automatic sending to a mail address

In your team settings you can enter additional recipients who should always receive certain documents. This is possible for quotations, invoices and credit notes. So here you can add the mail address of your accountant or the mail address of your personal inbox in your accountant's accounting software.

Create an export yourself

It is also possible to manually create an export of your documents of a given period. This is also possible in UBL format, so that it can easily be imported into an accounting program. You can also send them all together to your bookkeeper, for example, at the end of the month or at the end of the quarter. This goes for sales and purchase invoices.

Your accountant takes a free CoManage partner account

You can also ask your bookkeeper to take a partner account with CoManage. For the bookkeeper, this is free. This allows him to link your CoManage account to his partner account to make exports of your documents himself or to enable automatic export of your documents. This goes for sales and purchase invoices.

Updated on: 07/11/2023

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