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Start with tracking time

Start with tracking time

In the new module time tracking you can connect your worked hours to a client or project, so that you can invoice them per hour.

You can watch this video or see the steps of how to start with tracking time below:

Add hours manually or make use of the timer by going to the overview and clicking on the timer.

Time tracking - overview

Then you get the choice to add hours manually or work with a build-in timer.

New time tracking - add hours manually

Select client and/or project (Pro) to connect hours to a client and/or project (Pro) and note for which phase or task this time tracking is meant.

New time tracking - Start timer

When your time tracking is connected to a project you can find this after registering at the time tracking tab of your project. (Pro)

Project detail - Time tracking overview

Updated on: 09/08/2023

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