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Create a first order

In CoManage, you can also keep track of all your orders. You add a new order in two ways:

By converting an approved quotation to an order.
By creating a new order yourself

Converting an approved quote to an order

Go to your quote overview in CoManage.
Click on the approved status of the quote you want to convert to an order.
Then choose 'create order'.

Then all the fields will automatically be filled in for you
You only need to change the status of the order.

Create a new order yourself

Go to the order overview
Click at the top of your screen on the green 'new order' button

Then fill in all the fields and update the status of your order

The order confirmation, packing slip, delivery note and convert to an invoice

After creating an order, you can then go to the 'actions' button at the top of your screen to perform any of the following actions:
- Send order confirmation to the customer via email
- Download a packing slip for the warehouse
- Download a delivery note for the carrier
- Create an invoice of the order

This allows you to keep a good overview of all your orders in CoManage.

Updated on: 06/10/2023

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