Add your first project

We have a new project module, which let you add projects and connect tasks, time tracking, offers, invoices and costs to this project. You get a full overview of your project and see immediately how much you earned.

Go to your project overview and add a new project.

Project overview

Decide on the general info of your project.

New project - General info

Fill out the budget of your project. You have the choice from fixed rate, hourly or non-billable.

New project - Budget

Connect team members to a project and set an hourly rate per team member.

New project - Team members

Connect phases and tasks to a project.

New project - Tasks

Great! You added your first project. You have a project detail page in which you can see in one overview who is working on the project and in which phase you are with your project.

New Project - Project detail page

Besides tasks and time tracking you can also add invoices, offers and costs to your projects to see how much you earned in total.
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